Learn about Ladakh and Zanskar


In the heart of indian Himalaya, Ladakh is a high altitude mountain region. Protected from the monsoon and sunny 330 days a year, Ladakh offers fabulous desert landscapeswith coloured rocks and snow peaks reaching 7000 meters. The 240 ladakhi villages are green oasis in the immensity : very few peopple live there (around 160 000 inhabitants mostly buddhists but also muslims).


Leh is the main town of Ladakh. Near the Indus river, it was a real cultural and trade crossroads in Asia. It became a touristic spot, more and more popular the opening of Ladakh to foreigners in 1974.


Zanskar is the most remote region, especially during winter when it can be reached only through the frozen river for a short period. That peculiarity makes it really attractive and unique.


Different buddhist or muslim ethnic groups live in Ladakh but it is also a haven for tibetan refugees. The indian army is very present because of the Kashmir conflict but Ladakh is not affected by terrorism. In summer, thousands of indian and western tourists come to make trekking and visit monasteries.


Unlike China, very few local people ride bicycles in Ladakh. Yet it is very adapted to visit around Leh.

Visiting monasteries or trekking in the mountains is also possible with mountain bikes.